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About Us

CAHMPC Objectives

  • To exchange information relative to construction, maintenance, operation, regulation, enforcement, administration and management, pertaining to boats, marinas and harbors.
  • To formulate policies and plans to standardize and establish uniformity in operation and management of marinas and harbor facilities and to recommend to various marinas or harbors represented in the Association, the adoption thereof.
  • To promote and encourage development of marinas and harbors along sound management, environmental and economic lines, and to assist wherever and whenever possible, any group or individual, whether private or governmental, in the development of new marinas and/or harbors.
  • To keep all members of the Association informed, by periodical bulletins or newsletters, of new developments or improvements in facilities of member marinas and harbors and any other items of interest to members.
  • To keep in mind at all times that our basic purpose is to serve the boating public and to keep each other informed, through the Secretary of the Association, of all information pertinent to this end.